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Transdisciplinary Problem Solving

A guide to transdisciplinary problem solving resources available from the ANU Library

Pluralistic (pluralistic)

Pluralistic is one of the core characteristics of transdisciplinary problem solving (see ANU Framework for Transdisciplinary Problem Solving).

It means recognising that there are multiple ways of seeing the world and that, for any problem, there will be different ways of understanding and responding to it. Thus, the focus of this library guide entry for the characteristic of pluralistic is on recognising and understanding diversity. Working with those different perspectives is dealt with under the core characteristics of interactive and integrative.

Multiple forms of diversity are relevant, including those that are well-recognised such as gender-identity, age and ethnicity,  as well as others that are less often considered, such as mental models, values and personality.  


  • Indigenous knowledge, especially Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge.
  • Positive benefits of pluralism for individuals, teams and organisations eg creativity, innovation, problem solving.

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