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Transdisciplinary Problem Solving

A guide to transdisciplinary problem solving resources available from the ANU Library


Welcome to the ANU Library’s guide to transdisciplinary problem solving.

The primary aim of this guide is to assist ANU undergraduate students and the academic staff teaching them in achieving the graduate attribute Capability to Employ Discipline-based Knowledge in Transdisciplinary Problem Solving. The guide is also a useful introduction to transdisciplinary research.

The graduate attribute affirms the university's commitment to equip its graduates to make a positive difference in the world in any career path they choose. Implementing the graduate attribute strengthens the ability of graduates to contribute to tackling major societal problems and to developing innovations that advance well-being, prosperity and sustainability. This requires not only their discipline-based knowledge, but also their ability to interact with those from other disciplines and key groups in society to develop more comprehensive understanding and more effective action.

This library guide aims to provide introductory materials relevant to students and academic staff in all ANU colleges, allowing students to tailor their approaches to transdisciplinary problem solving according to their disciplinary choices, personal interests and career aspirations. For example, a student setting out to be a public servant tackling climate change has different requirements from a student aiming to be an industrial chemist or a student seeking to be an art historian, even though all will engage in transdisciplinary problem solving throughout their careers.

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