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Transdisciplinary Problem Solving

A guide to transdisciplinary problem solving resources available from the ANU Library

Teamwork (interactive)

As an aspect of the interactive characteristic of transdisciplinary problem solving (see ANU Framework for Transdisciplinary Problem Solving), teamwork is one key component of achieving the ANU graduate attribute Capability to Employ Discipline-based Knowledge in Transdisciplinary Problem Solving. 

Teamwork is also a feature of transdisciplinary research, as well as being widespread in a range of workplaces. It is an essential component of undergraduate education.

Considerable information exists on how to make teamwork more effective, much of it based on research conducted under the umbrella of 'the science of team science'.

As well as pointing to key materials for effective collaboration and other ways of working together, this library guide covers:

  • leading teams
  • facilitation
  • effective meetings
  • negotiation and conflict resolution
  • trust

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