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Transdisciplinary Problem Solving

A guide to transdisciplinary problem solving resources available from the ANU Library

General resources

The ANU graduate attribute Capability to Employ Discipline-based Knowledge in Transdisciplinary Problem Solving will equip graduates to effectively participate in a wide range of transdisciplinary activities aimed at addressing complex societal and environmental problems. For most, this will entail developing an understanding of the characteristics of transdisciplinary problem solving and a solid skill set in those characteristics. Only some will take the additional coursework required to develop expertise in transdisciplinarity per se. Achieving the ANU graduate attribute does not require either the academic staff or the students to acquire a deep understanding of transdisciplinarity. 

Nevertheless, some will find key texts on transdisciplinarity helpful to have. Interdisciplinarity is also included because, although multiple definitions highlight how they can be differentiated, in practice the two terms are often used interchangeably. Texts cover one or more of education, research and practice. They also begin to illustrate the plurality of approaches to transdisciplinarity. 

Additional general references can be found under the topic Integration, as integration is central to both interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity. 

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