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Leganto Library reading lists

A guide for course instructors on using reading lists


Leganto enables linking to library subscribed resources and other resources. Copying material into the learning management system or a local system may not comply with copyright.

A summary of copyright for teaching (PDF 69KB) is available to assist teaching staff to understand the basics of copyright for teaching purposes.

Upload a File

In addition to adding resources from the Library's collections, you may wish to upload other resources from your files to your reading list.

To add resources from other sources and websites please see the Cite! tab for further guidance.

Leganto enables functionality to:

  • Upload a File :select and upload a file to a reading list. 
  • Blank Form: allows creation of a new citation from scratch by entering the appropriate metadata and uploading a file.

To Upload a File

1. Select Add Items, then Upload a File to add a new resource.

2. Either drag the file from your computer or click the box to browse your computer for a file.

The option to upload a file.


Uploaded File

Leganto will extract metadata [where available] from the uploaded file to complete the citation. You can add additional information as needed before selecting the appropriate section and clicking Add to create the citation.
Upload a file
If you are uploading a file that you own the copyright, you should assign an appropriate Creative Commons License by selecting a license type from the drop-down list (see Creative Commons for further information on Creative Commons licenses).
If an uploaded file does not have a specific declaration it will be sent to the Library for review. All files need to be copyright compliant - please see the box above for copyright guidance.
If a file is available from the Library collection, Library staff will assist in ensuring copyright compliance readings are made accessible.

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