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Leganto Library reading lists

A guide for course instructors on using reading lists

The Ellipsis Menu

The ellipsis menu (...) is the key to managing your items, sections, and lists in Leganto. 

Clicking will take you to edit, delete, copy, move, and send actions.

Select the (...) to:

  • Edit your reading lIst details, such as start and end dates, title, and description.
  • Unpublish your list (this does not remove the list items from Library processing).
  • Duplicate the list so you can edit it for use on another course/semester.
  • Allow students to discuss the list items with you and each other.
  • Create a link for sharing via email, or to place it within a document for enrolled course students.
  • Export the list as an excel file, or with Endnote.
  • View the list as a student to see which citations are visible, and to test access to documents.


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