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Leganto Library reading lists

A guide for course instructors on using reading lists

Create Sections

Reading Lists are made up of sections. If you selected a template when creating a List, you can add new sections, or work with the sections you have. 

All Pilot Courses (Semester 2, 2022) have been set up in Leganto with one section only. If you wish to add sections, please follow the instructions below, including moving citations (items) into your new sections.


A. Select NEW SECTION at the top right of the list. New sections always appear at the top of the List.

  1. Enter a section title (e.g. Week 1, Essential Readings, Recommended, Topic 1...) and click create.
  2. Enter a description (optional). For a section that applies to a specific date range, enter the dates From: and To:
    • You may choose to hide the section from student view: check the box Section visible only during these dates. 
  3. Click save.

B. Toggle section view to rearrange sections and items in the List.

To create a section, select NEW SECTION at the top of the list. Enter the new section's information and select Create. For a section that applies to a specific date range, enter the dates in From and To.

C. The list can be viewed as expanded sections, with all citations visible, or collapsed, as below, so that you can easily drag whole sections to reorder them.


Tip: reorder citations within each section in the same way. Expand all sections with the Toggle section view to see individual items, and drag items from one section to another.

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