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Leganto Library reading lists

A guide for course instructors on using reading lists

Submitting your list to the Library

What is the deadline for submitting my course list items for library processing?  

To ensure lists are ready for the start of semester, we would recommend content be updated by Friday 10 February. 

If your list contains any new resources you would like the Library to purchase, please submit your reading list by Tuesday 31 January. 

How long will it take for my Leganto reading list to be processed by the Library? 

Processing times vary depending on the kinds and availability of resources you include on your list. Resources that are available and held by the Library are usually processed quickly, whereas purchasing requests, citations with missing details, and items on loan may take a little longer, so please be patient. Consider publishing your list three weeks before the semester to facilitate processing for the start of the semester.  

Why can’t my students see their Reading List in Leganto?   

Have you published your list? Your students will not be able to see your list until it has been published. Publishing will also signify to the Library that your list is complete and ready for processing.  Is your Reading List associated with your course? If yes, check it is associated with the correct course code. 

My students see some of the citations in the List, but others are visible only to me. Why?

Only citations which have been processed by the Library, and marked complete, are visible to students. Citations which do not require Library review will be visible and accessible once the instructor selects publish. Citations that may breach copyright will not be visible until copyright issues are resolved, so please communicate with the Library regarding these.

Adding items

Can I make copies of articles and book chapters available through Wattle? 

Copies of book chapters and journal articles can be made available to students in Wattle via your Leganto Reading List. Visit the Leganto Libguide section 'Add Items to Your List'. 

If you have any questions about copyright or using this service, please email  

Can I add items the Library does not hold? 

Yes! However, it’s good practice to always use the Library Catalogue to search for items for your list first, since they will be most readily available for your students.

How do I request online copies (pdf) of print resources for my Leganto Course List? 

Please note: If you want to request a chapter for digitisation from a print resource   

1. Make sure you EDIT the item in the righthand pane, to a Book Chapter format and add details such as chapter & page numbers. Add it to the list.  

2. Tag the citation in your list with the Digitisation Request tag.  

3. Click Send to Library in the citation (…) menu.

How many copies should I order?

The Library usually provides one copy of a print or e-book per 50 students. Please contact the Library should you find this insufficient for student requirements. 

I want to add both the print and e-book / How can I add multiple versions or copies of the same item?

Communicate with the Library about a specific item: In the Reading List, click on the title which you would like to discuss with the Library. The Details Pane will open on the right.

Type your comment or question in the Library Discussion box. In this case, you might type: We need 2 copies for 100 students. or Both e-book and print, please. Select Submit Comment. The note will be received by the Library, along with citation details. The Library staff will respond in due course.

Cite it!

Why isn’t Cite It! working in my browser? 

  1. Log into Leganto in another tab first, then open a new tab to use the Cite It! application on your chosen web resource. Cite It! will detect your Leganto list if you are logged in.  

  1. Update your Cite It! bookmarklet by uninstalling it and reinstalling it.  

I added items with Cite It, but they are not showing in a Primo (Catalogue) Search. Why not?

Citations added to a list with Cite It! are not Library resources, they are citations in the Leganto reading list. If you want the Library to purchase them, tag the citation as a purchase suggestion. Otherwise, tag it as recommended reading. If you added a website with Cite It!, it is accessible through the reading list, but not the Library Catalogue.   

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