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Leganto Library reading lists

A guide for course instructors on using reading lists

Understanding reading list statuses

Hover over the reading list status (under the list name) to see status information.

Select More info > to see the progress of items in your list. 

The example list below is in draft mode as the instructor has not published the list and the Library has not received it yet. 


Hover over the reading list status to see more information about this status: a draft status means students cannot see this list.

Read list statuses

Sent (on an individual item) – the item (citation) has been sent to the Library for review but has yet to be actioned. Items with a sent status are not visible to students.

Sent (on a list) – the instructor has sent the reading list, or any citation on the list, to the Library for processing.

Being prepared   the citation OR reading list is being prepared by the instructor, has not been sent to the Library, and is not visible to students.

Being processed – the Library has started working on the citations in the reading list, but they are not yet visible to students.

Complete – the Library has finished processing the reading list and it is ready. Materials for complete citations are visible to students if the list is also published.

Declined – the Library was unable to fulfil the reading list, or the citation is not available. In this case the Library will contact the instructor.

Published ­­­­– the list has been made visible to students. Publishing the list sends it to the Library for processing. Items (citations) which do not need further processing are visible to students. 

A citation status of Complete means the resource has been processed by the library.

A citation status 'Complete'.

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