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Leganto Library reading lists

A guide for course instructors on using reading lists

How to create new courses and lists

Creating a link to reading lists in Wattle

To add a reading list link to your course, first log into Wattle and open your course page. Then select edit mode and  scroll to the bottom of the page to click “Add an activity or resource”.

Add an activity  

This will open a pop up screen that will show you all the different tools you can add to your Wattle page. Select “Reading List” from the list of activities.  

Select reading list

You will see a page that allows you to add an external tool.

Name your reading list, you can choose the most appropriate name  - we recommend reading list. Then click “Save and return to course".

Save and return to course

Make sure not to click the “Save and display” option, as this will open Leganto within Wattle, where the functionality is limited.  

You will now be taken to a new tab within Leganto, where you can either

1) Connect to a reading list that already exists for this course that can be edited or modifed; or

2) Start constructing a new reading list. to do this simply follow the steps below.  

Creating a new list

1) Choose to create a new reading list - click Create.

The options to upload a previous reading list or roll over an existing reading list will be available for Semester 2 2023.


2) Confirm the title and add a description to your reading list, then click Create

Reading list titles should contain course code and teaching period.

3) Select a template for the reading list.

Weekly, 12 weeks splits the list into a set of 12 weekly readings. Other options are available and blank templates can be created to be configured as desired.

select a template

4) You can now add items to the reading list.

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