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AGLC Referencing Style

A guide to applying AGLC

Articles - Bibliographies

Bibliographies - AGLC Rule 1.13 (AGLC4)

The first author’s name is inverted in a bibliography.  Where two authors have the same surname. the authors should be sorted alphabetically according to their first names. Where more than one work by an author is listed, the works should be listed in alphabetical order.

There is no full stop at the end of the citation. Pinpoint references are not included in a bibliography.


Coper, Michael, ‘Concern about Judicial Method’ (2006) 30(2) Melbourne University Law Review  554

Kirby, Justice Michael, ‘Judicial Activism - A Riposte to the Counter-Reformation’ (2004) 24(3)  Australian Bar Review 219

Mason, Sir Anthony, 'A Bill of Rights for Australia?' (1989) 5(1) Australian Bar Review 79

Ryan, Michaela, ‘According to Merit?: Lives that Should Never Have Been?’ (2002) 76(7) Law Institute Journal 44

Webster, Adam and John Williams, ‘Section 100 and State Water Rights’ (2010) 21(4) Public Law Review 267


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