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AGLC Referencing Style

A guide to applying AGLC

International Arbitral and Tribunal Decisions

AGLC Rule 10

Reported cases

The details required are:Case name; parties' names; phase; year, volume and report series; starting page; pinpoint reference.


Responsibility for the Death of Letelier and Moffitt (United States of America v Chile) (Decision) (2005) 25 RIAA 1, 12–13.

Southern Bluefin Tuna (Australia v Japan) (Jurisdiction and Admissibility) (2000) 39 ILM 1359

Cordillera of the Andes Boundary (Argentina v Chile) (Report of the Tribunal Appointed by the Arbitrator)  (1902) 9 RIAA 39

Case name - Include the case name in italics as it appears on the first page of the report.

Parties' name -Should appear in shortened form, regardless of hoe they apear in the decision.

Phase - Italicise the phase and put in brackets after the parties' names. Any date should be omitted unless it is necessary to identify the decision.

Year, volume and report series - Should adhere to rules 2.2 - 2.3

Starting page - Should adhere to rule 2.4.

Pinpoint Reference - Used when referring to a specific point in the judgment.

Unreported cases

The details required are: Case name; parties' names; phase; name of arbitral body of tribunal; case number; day, month,year; pinpoint reference.


Access to Information under Article 9 of the Ospar Convention (Ireland v United Kingdom) (Final Award) (Permanent Court of Arbitration, 2 July 2003) [146].

Maritime Boundary (Barbados v Trinidad and Tobago) (Award) (UNCLOS Arbitral Tribunal, 11 April 2006) [198]

Ports - Ethiopia's Claim 6 (Ethiopia v Eritrea) Final Award) (Eritrea Ethiopia Claims Commission, 19 December 2005) [[26].

Case name, parties' names and phase - should adhere to rule 10.1.1

Name of arbitral body - Should appear as it does on the title page of the decision

Case No - Should be included only if it appears in the decision.

Date - If no full date, include as much of date as appears.

Pinpoint Reference - Where a decision has paragraph numbers, pinpoints should be to paragraph numbers. Where a decision has only page numbers, pinpoints should be to page numbers.

Date - Include the full date of the judgment.

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