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AGLC Referencing Style

A guide to applying AGLC

Government Reports

AGLC Rule 6.1 (and see Rule 1.14.3)

Agency name - If a publication is authored by a body (such as a government department) the name of that body is the author. Where the jurisdiction is not apparent from the department's name, the abbreviated jurisdiction may be in included in parentheses after the department name.

Title - italicise the title and capitalise all words in the title except articles (“the”, “a”, “an”), conjunctions (e.g. “and”, “but”, etc.) and prepositions (e.g. “on”, “with”, etc.).

Type of publication - the type of publication (Report, Discussion Paper, Consultation Paper etc) should be included as appropriate. If it is part of a series inlcude the number preceded by No.

Year of publication - in round brackets. Do not include the publisher or place of publication.

Pinpoint References - include the page or paragraph [in square brackets] or chapter (abbreviated as “ch”) as appropriate.


Administrative Review Council (Cth), The coercive information-gathering powers of government agencies, Report No 48 (2008).

Department of Justice and Attorney-General (Qld), Electoral Reform, Discussion Paper (2013) 37.

Australian Government, Australian Government Guidelines on the Recognition of Sex and Gender (2013) 7.

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