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AGLC Referencing Style

A guide to applying AGLC

Book citation - footnotes

Books - AGLC Rule 6 (AGLC4)

Include the following information:

Author(s) (Rule 4.1) - first name(s) followed by family name(s) if known. If the first name is not known, use initials. If there are more than three authors, identify only the first one and then use “et al” . Honorific titles or titles indicating qualifications should not be included in citations except for Sir, Dame or peerage titles (Lord, Earl, Viscount etc). Postnominals (eg AM, AO, LLB etc) should not be used in a citation.

Title - italicise the title and capitalise all words in the title except articles (“the”, “a”, “an”), conjunctions (e.g. “and”, “but”, etc.) and prepositions (e.g. “on”, “with”, etc.).

Publisher - should be included in parentheses after the title, follow by a comma. 'The' at the start of a publisher's name should be omitted. 'Pty', 'Ltd' 'Co', etc should be omitted

Edition number - where there are multiple editions and an edition number appears in the book, the edition number should be included after the publisher's name only if it is not the first edition. Put inside round brackets with year of publication.

Year of publication - should appear following the publisher name and any edition in round brackets.

Pinpoint References - include the page, paragraph [in square brackets] or chapter (abbreviated as “ch”) as appropriate.

Chapters in edited books - chapter titles should appear the same way that journal article titles appear (rule 5.2)


Single author - Christine Gray, International Law and the Use of Force (Oxford University Press, 2000) 21.

Two authors - R A Hughes and G W G Leane, Australian Legal Institutions: Principles, Structure and Organisation (Lawbook, 2nd ed, 2003).

Three authors - John Duns, Mark Davidson and Caron Beaton-Wells, Competition Law: Cases and Materials (LexisNexis Butterworths, 2nd ed, 2006) ch 3.

More than three authors - Harold Luntz et al, Torts: Cases and Commentary (LexisNexis Butterworths, 8th ed, 2017).

Later edition - Christine Gray, International Law and the Use of Force (Oxford University Press, 4th ed, 2018).

Edited book - Wilfrid Prest and Sharyn Roach Anleu (eds), Litigation: Past and Present (University of New South Wales Press, 2004).

Chapter in edited book - Shae McCrystal, 'Deadlocked Bargaining Disputes: Industrial Action, Agreement Termination and Access to Arbitration' in Shae McCrystal, Breen Creighton and Anthony Forsyth (eds), Collective bargaining under the Fair Work Act (Federation Press, 2018).

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