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A guide to Australian legal research resources

English nominate law report series

Until 1865 there was no standardised law reporting system in the United Kingdom, so individual barristers prepared their own reports, and these reports were named after the reporter and are known as nominate reports. There are over 300 published nominate report series, but many of them have been reprinted in two main series.

  • The English Reports (ER), is a set of 176 volumes covering the period 1220 to 1873. The ANU Law Library holds this collection in print and they are online on HeinOnline and CommonLII
  • The Revised Reports (RR) is a 149 volumes ser covering the period 1875 to 1866. The ANU Law Library holds this collection in print and they are also aviailable online on HeinOnline.

Citations of nominate reports should include the relevant volume of ER or RR when available (AGLC3 Rule 23.1.3. The ER should be cited in preference to the RR. For example: 

Alyson v Byston (1653) Cro Eliz 738; 78 ER 970.

Gunter v Astor (1819) 4 Moore CP 12; 21 RR 7.

To locate a nominate report:

Step 1: Search the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations for the title of the report series.

Step 2: Note the reprint series details - English Reports or Revised Reports.

Step 3: Search the Library catalogue for these series Revised Reports

Step 4: Browse to the correct volume and page.


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