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A guide to medical resources available from ANU Library

Locating medical resources in the Library

Books and journals related to medicine are predominately located in the Hancock Library.

QM1-695   Human anatomy
QM550-577.8     Human and comparative histology  
QM601-695   Human embryology 
QP1-981   Physiology
QR1-502   Microbiology
R5-920   Medicine (General) 
RA1-1270   Public aspects of medicine
RB1-214   Pathology
RC31-1245   Internal medicine
RD1-811   Surgery
RE1-994   Ophthalmology
RF1-547   Otorhinolaryngology
RG1-991   Gynecology and obstetrics
RJ1-570   Pediatrics
RL1-803   Dermatology
RM1-950   Therapeutics. Pharmacology
RZ201-999   Other systems of medicine

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