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Finding journal articles and more

Save and export citations

Saving and exporting citation details keeps your scholarly sources organised for referencing in your essay or research paper. Using a reference management tool, such as EndNote, is the most efficient way to manage your citations.

The process of selecting and saving/exporting will be slightly different between search platforms and databases (see below for examples), but once you know how to do this in SuperSearch or a library database, you can easily figure out how the process works in a different platform. Keep in mind that the full text PDF may have to be downloaded separately.

For some databases, you will need to set up a free profile before you can download your citations. This can be useful, since your profile also enables you to set up alerts.

Example - save, email and export citations

This example demonstrates how to save, email and, using EndNote, export citations from the Web of Science database.

Example - generate references

This example demonstrates how you can drag and drop saved PDF documents or files, and import an article from PLoS One to generate references in your Mendeley Library.

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