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A guide to Classics and Ancient History resources available from ANU Library

Referencing help

Referencing is an integral part of academic writing. The purpose is to show where the information you use comes from.

Some simple tips for referencing accurately are:

  • Acknowledge direct quotations, facts, and figures, as well as the ideas and theories that you use.
  • Check with your lecturer for the preferred referencing style used by your school.
  • Whichever referencing or citation style you prefer, be consistent throughout your assignment.

Commonly used referencing styles include Harvard and APA. 

The ANU does not adhere to a single standard referencing style, so you should check with your lecturers to ensure that you submit your work using the correct style. For help with referencing and academic writing, email the Academic Skills team.

The University has policies and procedures on academic integrity and how to avoid plagiarism - for which there can be serious consequences.

Abbreviations used in Classical Studies

There are standardised abbreviations used in Classical Studies for many journals and for the names of ancient authors and texts. This can be confusing to those new to reading Classics journals and references.

Lists of abbreviations are available for online reference:

Referencing Guide

Referencing is an integral part of academic work. Correctly referenced work informs the reader how ideas have been sourced and allocates credit to the authors. Well referenced work:

  • acknowledges direct quotes, data sources, ideas and theories used to construct arguments
  • is consistent within the style chosen. ​

Commonly used referencing styles include APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard.  Lecturers should be consulted regarding the preferred referencing style used in a course, any sources which may fall outside of a styles guidelines should be checked with your lecturer.

The Academic Skills and Learning Centre offers help with referencing and academic writing. The ANU policies and procedures on academic honesty are designed to assist students and researchers avoid plagiarism.

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