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Library Research

Full Catalogue records

What is a Catalogue record and how do I find it?

In addition to the information you see in the list of search results, you can find more in-depth information about an item in its full Catalogue record.

Click on an item's title in the list of results to display the full record.

Understanding catalogue records

What information is in a full catalogue record?

The full catalogue record has more in-depth information about an item, including:

  • A - Description: a brief summary of the item, helping you to gain a greater understanding of its nature and scope.
  • B - Contents: a list of chapters, which helps you understand the structure of the item.
  • C - Subject: lists categories the item is catalogued by.
    • Click on the subject heading to find additional materials from this category.
  • D - Call number: this number helps you locate physical items within a library branch.

An example of a full Catalogue record is below.

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