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The definitive guide to all things History at the ANU Library

Searching for Journal articles with SuperSearch

A great place to start searching for journal articles is through SuperSearch on the Library's homepage.

You can refine your search results by using the menu on the left hand side of the page - click 'Articles' under Format to narrow down results to journal articles only. For more help, see the SuperSearch help page.

You can get additional help with searching for journal articles through the Library's Finding Journal Articles and More guide.

Alternatively, to search within individual journal databases, go to the Databases tab in this guide and choose a database.

A selection of History journals are listed below.

Journals and Magazines

The ANU School of History specialises in Early Modern and Modern history, with a focus on Western history. ANU Library has over 2,000 journal titles in its collection that support these subject areas, as well as other areas such as Classical, Asian, Pacific and Middle Eastern History. There are also many journals which deal with particular historical themes.

The short list on this and the accompanying tabs are a small selection of the scholarly history journals available to you online. A more comprehensive list of all full text 'History & Archaeology' e-journals in the ANU Library collection can be found on our full text e-journals page.  Not all journals are held in electronic form however, so you can also search the Library Catalogue to find out if we hold print copies of a journal.

ANU Library holds a number of journal titles which are particularly rich in historical content related to Australia, and the Asia-Pacific region. A small selection of these are listed below. You can also search the Catalogue for the subject heading Australia--History--Periodicals for a more extensive list.

A small selection of journals focusing on geographical areas outside of Australia are included below. 

In addition to journals which focus on a particular geographical area, ANU Library also holds a number of journals that investigate specific historical themes. A selection of these are included below:

Books and journals have their place, but informative online historical magazines, either from the Library's collection or freely available in the public domain, can also be useful and important sources of historical information - a selection of which appear below.

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