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Personal Librarian service

Helping you to get the most out of the ANU Library

About the Personal Librarian service

Welcome to the Australian National University (ANU) and your new journey in research.

The ANU Library is a fantastic resource, but its size and complexity can be overwhelming for new students. The Personal Library Program is here to help you get the most out of your experience with the ANU Library during your time at ANU.

To assist with your first year at ANU, every Higher Degree Research student is assigned a Library staff member who will:

  • send you email updates about the Library
  • answer your Library questions
  • assist you in locating Library resources
  • answer your questions about where to start your research.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Personal Library contact for any information about the ANU Library and ANU Archives; resources available to you from other libraries; and digital services, such as data and text mining.

Personal Library Contacts

Below is a list of all of the Personal Librarian service contacts.

Personal Librarian service coordinator: Margaret Prescott ( / 02 6125 2981)

Alisha Nolan

02 6125 7053

Anne Newton

02 6125 4564

Broderick Proeger

02 6125 4210

Candida Spence

Candida is part of the ANU Library’s Digital literacy training, working as a digital literacies skills trainer for Postgraduate and Higher Degree Research students and specifically focuses on information management, and Word for academic writing.

02 6125 4965

Cathy Bruton

02 6125 1744

Farshad Moradi

02 6125 3087

Fonny Kyle

As an Information Access Officer at the Menzies branch Fonny supports the University’s teaching and research by planning and developing information services and ensuring access to resources from across Asia and the Pacific to ANU staff and students.

02 6125 8575

Fran Antioch

02 6125 0625

Friederike Schimmelpfennig

Frieda is the Information Access Coordinator for East Asia (China, Japan, Korea). One focus of her work is helping students to develop a good understanding of research methods and evaluating the quality of resources. “Finding stuff” is one of her passions, so reference requests are welcome!

02 6125 5581

Jacky Clements

02 6125 5797

Jaisy Antony

02 6125 3693

Jason Murdoch

Jason “fell” into librarianship quite unexpectedly, after working in a variety of industries such as film, TV, hospitality and airlines. His primary role is as a trainer with the Digital Literacy team. As an information junkie, Jason loves supporting members of the ANU community in their research and scholarship, helping them to make the utmost of the Library’s broad and diverse range of information and knowledge resources.

02 6125 8193

Jo Boyanton

02 6125 4259

Kathryn Newton-Doull

02 6125 3445

Loredana Nardi Ford

02 6125 8225

Luciana Panei

02 6125 4475

Megan Taylor

02 6125 0684

Miyuki Matthews

Miyuki is an Information Access Officer at the Menzies branch focusing on East Asian collections. Miyuki also works user services area which involves borrowing issues.

02 6125 7903

Rebecca Barber

02 6125 3311

Tom Foley

02 6125 8835

Wan Chitravas

Wan is the Information Access Coordinator for South East Asia, South Asia and the Middle East. Wan works closely with academics and students to meet their information needs.

02 6125 3515

Responsible Officer: University Librarian/Page Contact: Library Systems & Web Coordinator