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Weather and climate change


These collections can give insights into farming, lobbying and policy around issues such as drought and natural disasters.

Alex Norquay (Australian Farmers' Federation)

PDF list available: NBAC Z135

NBAC Z135 Box 18: Rainmaking (newspaper clippings) (1968)

NBAC Z135 Box 75: Weather (1969-1974)

NBAC Z135 Box 24: Weather (1966)

NBAC Z135 Box 59: National disasters (1965-1972); Consultative Committee on Drought to Australian Agricultural Council (1972-1973)

Australian Farmers' Federation

PDF list available: NBAC N18

NBAC N18-233 and NBAC N18-234: Papers relating to droughts and drought assistance (1958-1967)

NBAC N18-549: Income equalization deposits and drought bonds (1966-1977)

Australian Woolgrowers' and Graziers' Council

NBAC N124-34Calamaties/Drought (1970 - 1975)

Cattle Council of Australia

PDF list available: NBAC Z659

NBAC Z659 Box 62: Drought (1982-1983)

NBAC Z659 Box 195: Three files on drought (1993-1994)

Grains Council of Australia

NBAC Z693-206Rural Relief - Drought - GCA (Grains Council of Australia) policy (1989-1994)

NBAC Z693-394National Drought Strategy (1993-1996)

NBAC Z693-395Drought Taskforce (1989-1996)

NBAC Z693-657National Drought Policy (2001-2002)

NBAC Z693-1202National Farmers Federation Drought Summit - agenda (2007)

There are also many files relating to environmental issues such as Greenhouse in NBAC Z693 Grains Council of Australia deposit 2

Use the quick search box on the left of the screen to search for environment and environmental to see lists of these files

Livestock and Grain Producers' Association of New South Wales

Various files relating to weather and drought, for example:

NBAC N92-1721: Settlement & Land - Authorities - National Disaster Fund Incl Emergency Flood and Drought Relief Scheme (1959-1975)

NBAC N92-1754: Settlement & Land - general - bush fire prevention & control - general. Incl aerial inspection & compulsory fire breaks (1962-1979)

NBAC N92-1767: Settlement & Land - general - drought relief measures - - general. Incl unemployment relief (1970-1977)

Use the quick search box on the collection's main database page (NBAC N92) to search for terms such as drought, flood, fire, weather to see descriptions of other files