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Weather and climate change

ANU Department of Economics papers

ANUA 230-256 The East India Company, the Australians and the El Nino: colonial scientists and analysis of the mechanisms of global climatic change and teleconnections between 1770-1930 / R.H. Grove. Working paper No. 182, 1995

Bryant Allen - Assessment of the impacts of frost and drought in Papua New Guinea; surveys and research, 1997 - 1998

In 1997 Papua New Guinea was in the throes of a severe drought with frosts at high altitudes, which severely disrupted food and water supplies. Funded by AusAid, teams of researchers led by the authors, including Papua New Guineans and Papua New Guinea based agriculturalists, conducted field surveys to assess the impact of drought and frost on village food and water supply in all 19 provinces and most districts. The collection includes the field survey data sheets, the Excel database spreadsheet compiled by Joseph Viles, his BA Hons thesis and Bryant Allen's collection of research papers.

ANUA 558

See also:

Story in ANU Reporter, Vol. 28 No. 11, p.13, 26 Nov 1997

Photograph: A Papua New Guinean Villager suffering due to drought

Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Accounting records

The Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Greenhouse Accounting was established in July 1999 with a seven year grant, and was located at the Australian National University. The centre carried out research in soil science, ecosystem ecology, remote sensing, ecophysiology, ecological modelling, forestry, agroecosystem ecology, education and science-policy interface.

The collection contains research files, minutes of Board and Management team meetings, annual reports and strategic plans, publications and media files, correspondence, agreements and legal material. Also includes files relating to the Australian Greenhouse Office and partnerships.

ANUA 492

Course materials (bricks) for law subjects relating to climate and law

The course materials, commonly known as ‘bricks’, are for courses offered by the Faculty of Law and include an outline of the course, lists of lectures and tutorials, assessment plans, reading lists, and copies of articles and other readings.

ANUA 286

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Gerard Ward’s Pacific research papers

Gerard Ward was a geographer focusing on land use in the Pacific. He was Foundation Professor of Geography at the University of Papua New Guinea, and then Professor of Human Geography at the ANU and Director of the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies (1980-1993).

Ward's papers document research in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Hawaii, Federated States of Micronesia, the Cook Islands, and French Polynesia. A small number of items relate specifically to climate change.

ANUA 258

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Geoffrey Hope collection of papers on population and the environment in Papua New Guinea

Geoffrey Hope was an environmental historian. His research interests included vegetation history and the historical biogeography of Australian, Asian and Pacific biota.

Hope's collection includes material created and collected during fieldwork in Papua (Irian Jaya) and Papua New Guinea (1980-1995). There are reprinted articles, unpublished reports, one field notebook, files on the Mount Wilhelm Research Station, photographs, newspaper clippings, expedition equipment shipping lists and associated paperwork.

ANUA 552

Harold Brookfield papers, 1958 - 1988

Professor Harold Brookfield was a British and Australian geographer with interests in rural development, family farming, land use and society in developing countries. Brookfield conducted field work in Papua New Guinea, the New Hebrides, New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands, Bougainville and the Philippines. His interests focussed on Papua New Guinea where he conducted fieldwork in the highlands and collaborated with anthropologists from the Research School. In the 1970s his work extended to smaller islands of the Caribbean and the smaller eastern islands of Fiji. His work largely focused on the relationship between humans and their landscapes, particularly as this was understood through the lens of agricultural production. His work on agricultural intensification, land use and land degradation, and the impact of El Nino events was ground-breaking and innovative.

Brookfield's collection includes fifty field notebooks, as well as photographs, negatives and aerial photographs related to his research in the Pacific region.

ANUA 599

Sir Keith Hancock research papers

Includes research papers for Hancock's papers on the Monaro region adjacent to the Australian Capital Territory published in his book Discovering Monaro - A Study of Man's Impact on his Environment (1972). For example:

NBAC P96-2-5 Completed questionnaire forms for 'Hazeldean' and 'Biggam' (Litchfield properties) including notes, photocopies and rainfall graph 1914-1963