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Weather and climate change


The images below are examples of photographs relating to weather events held in the ANU Archives.

The ANU Library and Archives have an active digitisation program, and many high-resolution images are available on the ANU's Open Research website.

Please be aware that many photographs in the Archives have not yet been digitised. They can be requested for viewing in the Archives reading room, or digitisation may be possible on request.

ANU photographs

ANU photographers documented the impact of the Canberra bushfires of 2003 on the Mt Stromlo observatory. Most of these photographs have been digitised. The images below are a small selection. To see all digitised images, search for bushfires on Open Research

Mt Stromlo observatory after the Canberra bushfires, 2003


ANUA 579-206-0098


ANUA 592-187-36


ANUA 579-206-0041

Burns Philp and Company

Flood gates on Teraina / Washington Island

NBAC N115-516

Colonial Sugar Refinery Company (CSR)

The Colonial Sugar Refinery Company Limited had mills and plantations in Fiji, Queensland, New South Wales and New Zealand. The images below are a small selection of the company's photographs of weather events such as cyclones and floods. To see more, search digitised CSR photographs on Open Research

Flood damage, Rarawai [Fiji], 31 January 1956

NBAC 171-246-2

Goondi Mill [Innisfail, Queensland] after 1918 cyclone

NBAC N126-279

Flood, Harwood Mill (New South Wales), 1948

NBAC Z109-92-02-190

Flood, Macknade Mill, Queensland,1947

NBAC Z109-93-01-142

Landslide, Chelsea Refinery (Auckland, New Zealand), 13 February 1940

NBAC Z109-98-01-58


Corona Station (Queensland)

Corona Station is situated north-west of Longreach, Queensland. The station was purchased by the Australian Agricultural Company in 1912. From 1917 to 1941 the manager was Thomas L Armstrong. Please see the Archives database for more information about this collection.

T L Armstrong in paddock inspecting the growth of grass etc after heavy rain, 1920s

NBAC 68-209

Lorries lined up for loading food for sheep during drought, 1920s. Each driver had a note book with instructions where to feed and how much to put out at each feeding ground. Hay was generally thrown out in spaced lines but maize was put out in circles

NBAC 68-213

Sheep at the feeding ground, 1926 or 1928

NBAC 68-218

Goldsbrough Mort

When the drought broke on Thurloo Downs Station, 1903


Grass in seed on Wilgar Downs Station, October 1903



Henry William Burkitt

Herbert William Burkitt worked for CSR and other companies, before becoming manager of the first Australian bulk sugar terminal in Mackay, 1957-1959. See the database description of his collection for more information: NBAC N315

1st flood, 1958 - Barnes Creek, Mackay

NBAC N315-1

Marcus Clark and Company

Flood on Magellan Street, Lismore, 23 July 1921