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Finance and Economics

Government sources for Finance and Economics

There are a number of Australian Government websites useful to finance and economics research:

  • Department of Finance supports the government’s ongoing priorities through the Budget process and fosters leading practice through the public sector resource management, governance and accountability frameworks. It produces a number of freely available financial reports on the Commonwealth.
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade produces freely available data and documents about trade and investments.
  • Federal Budget website provides information and tools to help people interpret and understand the current Federal Budget. Past Budgets are also available.
  • The Productivity Commission undertakes research studies and public inquiries requested by Government. It provides access to the research outputs of those studies and enquiries.
  • The Treasury is engaged in a range of issues from macroeconomic policy settings to microeconomic reform, climate change to social policy, as well as tax policy and international agreements and forums.
  • Unreserve - Archive of the RBA  is the online platform to access the Reserve Bank of Australia Archives. Unreserved allows you to directly access digitised copies of selected archival records as well as information about the entire archival collection.

    The Reserve Bank is custodian of a rich and varied archive of records that spans nearly 200 years of Australia’s economic, financial and social history – from the convict era through to more recent times. This is because the Reserve Bank descended from the original Commonwealth Bank of Australia which had a central banking function and had absorbed other banks with a colonial history.
    In addition to directly searching the Archives, there are Research and Series Guides for each Collection. Not all items in the Archives have yet been digitised. As the digitisation program progresses, new content will be uploaded to Unreserved and some will be showcased in Explore our Records.

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