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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies


ABC | Indigenous

The national broadcaster's online Indigenous portal aggregates a broad variety of different ABC media from right around Australia, and focusses firmly on news, current affairs, and Indigenous community stories. More broadly, ABC Indigenous support the efforts of Indigenous storytellers, media artists, and film & television-makers from all parts of the country, helping to sustain the production of vibrant, dynamic, and relevant Indigenous programming and content across a variety of platforms.

NIRS | National Indigenous Radio Service

From its base in Brisbane, NIRS broadcasts targeted programming produced for and by Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, round the clock. Funded primarily by the Australian Government, NIRS programs cover a broad variety of topics, such as current affairs, culture, history, news, law, and Indigenous community matters. Programming can be access online, or via repeater radio stations right around Australia.

NITV | National Indigenous Television

Broadcasting since 2010, NITV transmits a wealth of cable and free-to-air programming in cooperation with the SBS Television network. In addition to regular news broadcasts, its content includes Indigenous children's programming, documentaries, investigative reporting, movies, comedy, sport, drama, and current affairs. NITV programming is also available via the SBS On Demand website or app. Regular audio content is also available via NITV Radio.

ABC Radio National | Awaye!

Awaye! focusses on the best of Indigenous arts and culture from right around Australia, and also includes content produced by various other Indigenous broadcasters from around the world. It's a rich and diverse source of dynamic audio content which can be listened to online, or downloaded as a podcast.

Indigenous Community Television

Indigenous Community Television is a viewer access satellite television service, broadcasting to Australia's remote Indigenous communities. It includes a diverse range of programming, produced by a number of remote Indigenous media outlets and organisations. It enables the sharing of song, dance, language, and essential cultural stories amongst Indigenous communities, which sizeable portions of content being available digitally on-demand.

First Australians | SBS TV

This powerful seven-part series, available entirely on-demand, chronicles the birth of contemporary Australia through the perspective of its first people. Examining Australia's turbulent and unsettling colonial history in all its brutality, First Australians documents the meeting of the oldest surviving culture in human history, with the juggernaut that was the British Empire. Having undergone extensive Indigenous community consultation throughout its production, First Australians is mandatory viewing for all students and scholars of Australian Indigenous history, culture, and law.

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