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A guide to electronic books at the ANU Library

Downloading or reading online


Once you've selected the publication of your choice, clicking on its title will display further information, including bibliographic details and an informative abstract. Clicking Download for free will enable you to either read your selected publication online, or download it to a device using a variety of mobile formats.

Choosing your format

For most ANU Press titles you'll be given a choice of four digital formats: PDF (which includes individual downloadable chapters); HTML; EPUB; and MOBI. Publications may be displayed in HTML format for reading online, as can those formatted as PDFs. EPUB format enables downloads to smartphones, iPads, tablets, computers, or other e-readers. In some cases, the installation of Adobe Digital Editions is required before publications can be downloaded and read. Similarly, MOBI formatted publications enable reading on a variety of e-readers, and you should choose the format most appropriate to your own personal device.

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