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This guide covers everything you need to know about getting started with EndNote.

Creating Independent Bibliographies

Formatting your bibliography

Your bibliography will be automatically formatted using the output style that is currently selected in EndNote, which you can change from within both EndNote and Word.

In Word, you can change your citation style using the style dropdown in the EndNote tab. If the required style is not immediately available from the drop-down, it can be found by selecting the Select Another Style option.

For more formatting options use the EndNote Configure Bibliography dialog in Microsoft Word. It opens when you select the launch button at the bottom right of the Bibliography group on the EndNote ribbon (Mac: Bibliography Settings on the CWYW drop-down of the floating EndNote toolbar in Word for Mac). This dialog box is also available from the Format Bibliography button on the toolbar.


Creating an independent bibliography

There may be times when you want to create a bibliography without using the Cite While You Write function, such as for a presentation or an annotated bibliography. We call this an independent bibliography. Each of the four procedures described below can be used to create an independent bibliography.

Export references

To export references from a library:

  1. Open your EndNote library and select the desired references.
  2. Select File and then Export.
  3. On the Export file name dialog box, choose a File name, a file type (file type Rich Text Format creates text formatted in Normal style when opened with Word) and an Output Style. Chose a location for the created file, for example Desktop. Select Save.
  4. Open the created file from where you saved it.

References can be dragged from an EndNote library to a Word document. The references are sorted and formatted according to the rules of the selected style.

  1. Display a new Word document next to the EndNote library from which you wish to generate a bibliography.
  2. In the EndNote library select the required style from the style drop-down.
  3. Select the references you wish to include in the bibliography.
  4. Drag the selection to the Word document.
  5. On the EndNote tab in Word, select Update Citations and Bibliography. 
  6. Click Convert to plain text. This will allow you to delete the stand alone citations and will leave the bibliography in tact.
Copy formatted

Use the Copy Formatted command to quickly create and copy a bibliography that you can paste into a Word document or anywhere else. The references are sorted and formatted according to the rules of the selected style.

To copy formatted references from EndNote and paste them into a Word document:

  1. Open your EndNote library and select the desired references in the EndNote library window.
  2. Select your desired style. 
  3. Click the References menu, and select Copy Formatted References to copy the references to the Clipboard.
  4. Open a document in Word, put the cursor where you would like the references to appear, and Paste. 

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