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Groups and knowledge sharing

Mendeley groups enable you to exchange ideas and share references from your Mendeley library with your colleagues and peers. Groups can be public, private or invite-only, and allow you to create and join teams of like-minded people.

Reasons to use groups:

  • Create, curate and grow groups of people according to your needs.

  • Control who can join and add materials to your group.

  • Use private groups to collaborate directly on materials and share full papers with current ANU staff and students.

  • Join existing groups dedicated to sharing knowledge on a particular subject.

  • Discover new research and potential collaborators in your field from around the world.

If this sounds like a good fit for your needs, check out the Mendeley Groups Guide to learn how to find, create and manage groups. Current ANU staff and students who require support with groups can contact Mendeley support.

Now that you have an introductory understanding of Mendeley Web, explore other aspects of the platform not covered in this guide (such as Datasets, Careers and Funding) via the Mendeley Web guides.

Next up, move on to the Reference Manager Comparison tab to evaluate what Mendeley offers you when compared to other reference management tools.

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