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Mendeley Institutional Edition

Current ANU staff and students have access to Mendeley Institutional Edition.

How to access Mendeley Institutional Edition

  1. Sign into your Mendeley account or create a Mendeley account using your ANU email address
  2. Upgrade to the Institutional Edition by visiting the ANU Mendeley Group page.  You should then receive an email which confirms your account has been upgraded.


  • 100 GB personal storage (2 GB with the 'free account').
  • 100 GB shared storage (100 MB with the 'free account').
  • Unlimited private groups with max 100 collaborators (5 private groups with max 25 collaborators with the 'free account')

To maintain access to the Institutional Edition you will need to re-verify your account via the ANU Mendeley Group page at least once every 12 months.

If you have an existing Mendeley account using a personal email address and wish to join the ANU Institutional Edition: login to your account, go to settings, change your email address to your address.

In the next tab, you will learn how to create and manage your reference library, add and annotate PDFs, and work with Word.

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