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A guide to resources available through the ANU Library for drama, theatre, and the performing arts.

Search the Catalogue

You can find books by searching the ANU Library Catalogue by keyword. Here are some search tips to get you started:

  • Analyse your topic: identify the main ideas or concepts you need to research
  • Develop a list of search terms including keywords and phrases
  • Consider alternative spellings and different word endings
  • Use more specific words or add words using AND to narrow your search
  • Use synonyms, related terms, or combine words using OR to broaden your search
  • Exclude words from your Catalogue search results using AND NOT
  • Use the Advance keyword search to search a particular date of publication, language or format.

For additional advice on book searching, see the Library's Finding Books and More Guide, and for more information about analysing your topic, see the Library's Topic Analysis Guide

Browse the shelf

Each item in the Library is assigned a call number which designates both its subject and also its place on the open shelves.

The call numbers below suggests where to find materials relevant to Drama studies in the Chifley Library (Level 4).


LC classification Broad subject LC classification Broad subject
PN1600 - PN3307 Drama PN2061 -PN2071 Art of acting
PN1635 - PN1650 Drama relation to special subjects PN2085 - PN2091 The stage and accessories
PN1660 - PN1693 Technique of dramatic composition PN2131 -PN2145 Dramatic representation. Ancient
PN1720 - PN1861 History of drama PN2152 - PN2160 Dramatic representation. Medieval
PN1865 -PN1988 Special types of drama PN2171 - PN2179 Dramatic representation. Renaissance
PN2000 -PN3307 Dramatic representation. The theatre PN2181 - PN2193 Dramatic representation. Modern
PN3011 - PN3018 Australian Theatre PN6110.5 - PN6120 Collections of general literature. Drama

Subject searches

Not sure where to start your research? Click on the links below to browse the Catalogue using subject headings: 

TIP: Works on drama as a literary form are entered under Drama. Works on drama as acted on the stage are entered under Theater. Works on facilities used to stage drama are entered under Theaters.

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