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Modern China Studies

A guide to Modern China Studies resources available from ANU Library

Hints on searching the Library Catalogue

  • The Library of Congress provides instruction for the application of Romanisation of Chinese characters for searching a Library Catalogue.
  • Please note that while it is possible to search the Library Catalogue using Chinese characters (日本語), you will get better results if you use the modified romanisation.
  • East Asian language collections (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) are located on Level 3 of the RG Menzies Building.
  • Subject searches are not “free-text”, but use controlled vocabulary.  Examples of some useful terms are listed below:
    • [country] – HISTORY                                           - HUMAN RIGHTS - [country]
    • [country] – POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT       - BUDDHISM – [country]
    • [country]  – ECONOMIC CONDITIONS               - POLITICAL CULTURE – [country]
    • [country]  – SOCIAL CONDITIONS                      - BUSINESS ENTERPRISES – [country]

Locating books

Chinese language books are held in several different locations:

Menzies East Asian

These books are located in the Menzies Library, either on Level One or Level Three.

Call numbers beginning with numerals, i.e. 9291 5436 are arranged by Harvard-Yenching (H-Y) classification and are found on Level One (basement level). Most of these are titles acquired by the library before 1993.

Call numbers beginning with letters belong to the Library of Congress (LC) classification, and are found on Level Three. Significant call number ranges are:

  • Asia -- History-related works: DS (DS701-799.9 for China)
  • Asia -- Political Science related works: JQ (JQ1499+ for East Asia)
  • Asia -- Languages and Literatures related works PJ, and “L (PL1001-3208 for Chinese)

English Language

Books in English and other non CJK languages about China with the location Menzies can be found in the Menzies library on Level Four.

China new book

A small number of Chinese titles have no classification number. These have call numbers beginning with a plus sign i.e.  +2345751They can be found in the shelves marked "China New Books" on Level Three.

Menzies East Asian Reference

These books are found on the entrance level they are divided into Harvard-Yenching (pre-1993 acquisitions) and Library of Congress classifications (post-1993 acquisitions). These books cannot be borrowed.

Print Repository

These book are held in off-campus storage. To request them you have to click on the tab within the online record and follow the instructions.  The item will be retrieved and delivered to the SHORT LOAN area of the Chifley Library in the afternoon of the following day.

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