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Environment & Society

A guide to information on sustainability and the environment.

Locating books

Highly used environment and society books and journals 2020- are located in the Hancock Library. Less used environment and society books and print journals pre 2020 are housed at the Print Repository, and can be requested from the Library Catalogue.

G-GF    Geography
GB   Physical geography
GE   Environmental sciences  
GE42   Environmental ethics
GE170 - GE190     Environmental policy
GE300 - GE350   Environmental management  
GF   Human geography
QC903   Global temperature changes

Other environmental topics are located in the following ANU Library locations:

HC79.E5     Sustainable development and Environmental economics     Chifley Library
HD75.6   Economic development - Environmental aspects   Chifley Library  
KN94   Environmental law   Law Library

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