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Publish and prosper

A guide to finding the best publisher, avoiding predatory publishers, and making your mark in publishing.

Tips for surviving peer review

You've now heard about some of the not-so-nice aspects of peer review.

Now, take a look at Wiley Exchange's Infographic 6 Tips For Authors On Surviving Peer Review which includes some great pointers for aspiring authors.

The infographic also provides you with an overview of the:

  • peer review process
  • mechanisms behind the decision-making process
  • main reasons for rejection without review
  • reasons for rejecting after review

Preprint Space (formerly Academic Karma)

Consider these wise words from Lachlan, who recognises the thousands of hours reviewers and editors put into the peer review process. 

"...what if there was a peer-review currency, which we call 'Karma', earned by doing timely review and spent by getting manuscripts reviewed. If every academic did as much peer review as they demand from others in order to maintain a positive Karma, the system would become self-regulating."

Lachlan Coin, co-founder of @PreprintSpace (formerly Academic Karma)

Check out this tutorial to see how you can gain recognition through PreprintSpace for reviewing a paper.


Publons provides a mechanism for you to obtain recognition for reviewing the work of others across a range of disciplines.

Watch this video to learn more.

Reviewer misconduct

To develop an understanding of reviewer misconduct - what to do about it and how to prevent it - check out the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) self-paced module, Reviewer misconduct.

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