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Publish and prosper

A guide to finding the best publisher, avoiding predatory publishers, and making your mark in publishing.

Withdrawing an article

Predatory publishers are sneaky and can deceive even the most experienced academics.

If you have unknowingly submitted an article for publication to a predatory journal, there are a number of ways to deal with this situation including:

  • writing to the publisher and withdrawing your article
  • checking any agreements you signed (Tip: don't sign without checking that you are not signing over all your rights)
  • seeking further advice from your Library and/or legal counsel.

Case scenario #2 in the article below describes the experience and actions of a Professor and their colleagues, who submitted a manuscript to a journal, not realising it was a predatory journal.

Ferris, L. E., & Winker, M. A. (2017). Ethical issues in publishing in predatory journals. Biochemia Medica27(2), 279–284.

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