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A guide to ANU Library resources and services

International Newspapers

Listed below are a small selection of current international newspaper titles in the ANU Library collection. Many more are available through the various databases that we subscribe to. If you are looking for a particular newspaper title, you can search our catalogue, or use one of the databases listed in the tabs on the left. Please note that you might find additional holdings to those listed below in the Westlaw database

For links to newspapers from the Asia-Pacific region, please see the Indonesian Studies, Japanese Studies, Malaysian Studies, Modern China Studies, Pacific Studies, Phillipine Studies, South Asian Studies, South East Asian Studies, Thai Studies, Timor-Leste Studies, or Vietnamese Studies subject guides.

United Kingdom  
Daily Mail (from 6 Jan 1981) Irish Times (from 19 Sep 1981)
Daily Telegraph (from 3 Jun 2000) The Sun (from 1 Jan 1996)
The Independent (from 30 Sep 1993) The Times (from 5 Jan 1980)
United States  
Chicago Tribune (from 1 Jan 1985) USA Today (from 9 Sep 2016)
Los Angeles Times (from 1 Jan 1985)  Wall Street Journal (from 13 June 1979)
New York Times (from 12 Oct 2016)  Washington Post (from 1 Jan 1977)
Le Figaro (from 31 Oct 1996) Les Echos (from 28 Apr 2010)
Le Monde (from 1 Jan 2001) La Tribune (from 11 Sept 2008)
Frankfurter Allgemeine (from 2 Jan 2017) Die Tageszeitung (from 5 Aug 2008)
Süddeutsche Zeitung (from 12 Jan 1995) Die Welt (from 15 Oct 2009)
Avvenire (from 19 Aug 2016) La Repubblica (from 5 Feb 2014)
Corriere della Sera (from 24 Oct 2017) La Stampa (from 5 Sept 1996)
New Zealand  
The Dominion Post (from 8 July 2002) Otago Daily Times (from 20 Aug 2002)
New Zealand Herald (from 1 Jan 1986) The Press (from 1 Jun 1996)

ANU Library holds, or has access to, a number of historical newspaper resources from around the world. Some of these are individual title subscriptions, some are available through broader news databases. A selection of these are included below, but please search the catalogue if there is a specific title you are looking for.

United Kingdom  
British Library Newspapers (varied dates) Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Burney Newspapers Collection
The Financial Times Historical Archive (1888-2021) Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Nichols Newspapers Collection
The Guardian (1791-2003) The Times Digital Archive (1785-2019)
The Irish Times and the Weekly Irish Times (1859-2019)

The Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive (1902-2019)

The Observer (1791-2003) The Telegraph Historical Archive (1855-2000)
The Scotsman (1817-1950)  

United States

America's Historical Newspapers: 19th Century Collection - Readex New York Times (1851-2017)
Chicago Defender (1909-1975) Nineteenth Century US Newspapers (Varied dates) - Gale
Correspondence, notes and newspaper cuttings on the Civil War in Nigeria (1908-1989)  
North China Herald Online (1850-1940) Quan Guo Bao kan Suo Yin (1833-1911)
Propaganda and the Chinese Press (1946-1996) Shen Bao (1872-1949)
Mercure de France (1672-1810) Voices from wartime France, 1939-1945: Clandestine Resistance and Vichy newspapers
Newspapers of the French Revolution of 1848  
South Asian newspapers (1864-1922) World News in Indian newspapers (1782-1908)
The Times of India (1838-2010)  
Naver News Library (1920-1999)  
New Zealand  
Papers Past (various dates)
Pravda Archive (1959-1996) St Petersburg Times (2002-2015)
South And Central America  
Archives of Latin American and the Caribbean history (various dates) Digital Library of the Caribbean (various dates)

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