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Art History

Art History subject guide

What is Open Access?

Open Access (OA) refers to free, unrestricted online access to scholarly materials.

Open Access enables the communication of research across boundaries of national borders and publication systems. Equal access to government funded, high quality research is a key principle of removing geographical, socio-economic and publisher barriers to credible information

The Australian National University, through its Open Research repository collects, maintains, preserves, promotes and disseminates its open access scholarly materials. You can search the collection of scholarly outputs of the University's academic community as well as digitised material of national and international significance from the University's special and rare collections.

You can also browse the ANU Press collection. ANU Press is a globally recognised leader in open-access academic publishing. They produce fully peer-reviewed monographs and journals across a wide range of subject areas, with a special focus on Australian and international policy, Indigenous studies and the Asia-Pacific region.

You can learn more about Open Access in the ANU Library's self-paced module, Scholarly communications 101.

What are Open Educational Resources?

Open Educational Resources - OERs - are educational materials that are available under an open license. This means you can freely use, adapt and distribute these resources.

Read our guide for information on how to find and use OERs.

Open Educational Resources for art history

Below are a selection of quality OERs for Art History:

Open Access resources for art history

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