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Records about gold mining

A guide to archives relating to gold mining held at the ANU Archives

Australian Agricultural Company

78/1/25: Guide to the northern gold fields by an old bushman. Sydney, Woolcott & Clarke, 1856

Amalgamated Postal Workers' Union of Australia (Victorian Branch)

T16/40/99: Russell, FAA. History of the gold standard. Sydney, FH Booth & Son (1930)

Elder, Smith and Company

8/202/33: Report on the Phillips River goldfield. Perth, Government Printer (1903)

Graziers Association of New South Wales

P104/7: Malcolmson, V.A. The world's economic conference - what next? London, Argus Press (1933)

Harry Holland Collection

P5/1/990: Pease, Edward R. Gold and state banking : a study in the economics of monopoly. London, The Fabian Society (1912)

P5/1/375: Fitzherbert, P B. The crisis: New Zealand's future depends on your vote. Wellington, New Zealand (1937) (Gold Standard)

P5/1/376: Fitzherbert, P B. The dawn of the new outlook. Wellington, New Zealand (1931)

P5/1/887: Mining Act, also amending Acts with Regulations thereunder, 9th edition, Sydney Government Printer (1894)

P5/1/818: Moloney, Dan. The history of Addson's Flat goldfields, Westport, New Zealand, Westport News (1923)

Mining industry press ucttings (1990 - 1994)

N373: Volumes of press cuttings, arranged chronologically, under headings: minerals and metals, gold, oil and gas, coal, government and policy, and environment (1990 - 1994)

Miscellaneous pamphlet collection

P56/253/22: Berry, Andrew Burgess. From tent to parliament: the life of Peter Lalor and his coadjutors: history of the Eureka stockade (1934)

P56/250/54: Lenin, V I. The importance of gold : now and after the victory of socialism. Sydney, Modern Publishers Pty Ltd, first published in USSR Nov 1921