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Records about gold mining

A guide to archives relating to gold mining held at the ANU Archives

Adelaide Steamship Company

N46/566: Outwards correspondence relating to private freighting acocunts and syndicates of J Turnbull (Secretary and General Manager) (1888 - 1892)

Australian Agricultural Company

1/46/1: Letters to General Superintendent regarding potential gold deposits (1853 - 1856)

1/64/4: Mineral prospecting papers including letters, tracings and reports in connection with prospecting in the Port Stephens district (1855 - 1904)

Clarke and Co (Melbourne)

19/2-29: Series of maps and plans of various goldfields including Bendigo, Chewton, Daylesford, Kalgoorlie, Milano and Post Office Hill (1910 - 1940)

Company prospectuses (1890 - 1966)

N66: Printed prospectuses and some reports of Australian companies including gold and oil mining companies in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji. Most of the prospectuses are from the 1930s-1950s. Compiled by J B Were and Son

Elder Smith and Company

8/66: Correspondence and related papers between Elder, Smith and Company and Wallaroo Mining Company, BHP Limited, Hercules Gold and Silver Mining Company, Beer Sondheimer and Co Ltd and Wallaroo Phosphate Company relating to the sale and shipment of concentrates of gold, silver and lead (1888 - 1917)

N102/114: Bethanga Goldmining Company Fluedust & Arsenical Ore

Lake George Mines

67/58: Correspondence of TM Owen regarding Main Ridge Gold Mine (1932)

67/62: Correspondence of TM Owen regarding Occidental Gold Mines NL (1932 - 1933)

67/66: Correspondence of TM Owen regarding Big Reef Gold Mine, Gundagai (1932)

67/71: Correspondence of TM Owen regarding Wiluna Gold Mines Ltd, WA (1927 - 1932)

67/72: Belbula Gold Mining Co

Peel River Land and Mineral Company

78/15/1 - 78/15/9: Despatches from the early years of the company documenting initial success in the search for gold followed by the decline in its value to the company. They include monthly reports of gold licences issued (1853 - 1870)

115/9: Return books for Peel River Estate, Avon Downs, Currawillinghi and Moorlands stations consisting of half yearly accounts including licenses issued at gold fields (1914 - 1925)

115/10: Return books for Peel River Estate, Currawillinghi and Mt alfred. Includes half yearly accounts and licenses issued (1911 - 1928)

121/29: Leases, conveyances and contructs, with covering letters and reports. Includes the prospectus and other material relating to the formation of the Hanging Rock Gold Mining Company (1887 - 1888)