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Find books using the Catalogue

The ANU Library Catalogue contains all items and subscriptions owned or licensed by the Library.

You can find books by searching the Catalogue by keyword. Here are some search tips to get you started:

  • Analyse your topic: identify the main ideas or concepts you need to research.
  • Develop a list of search terms including keywords and phrases.
  • Consider alternative spellings and different word endings.
  • Use more specific words or add words using AND to narrow your search.
  • Use synonyms, related terms, or combine words using OR to broaden your search.
  • Exclude words from your search results using AND NOT.
  • Use the Advanced search to search a particular date of publication, language or format.

For additional advice on book searching, see the Library's Finding Books and More Guide.

Browse the shelf

Each item in the Library is assigned a call number which designates both its subject and also its place on the shelf.

The listing of Library of Congress classification numbers below suggests where to find materials relevant to Archaeology on the Library shelves.

General works on Archaeology are shelved in the CC call number range, and works on the Archaeology of particular countries are shelved in the History section for each country. Prehistoric Archaeology for all countries is held in the GN call number range.

Chifley         CC1 - CC960          General works on Archaeology

Chifley         DA                           History of Britain

Chifley         DB                           History of Austria, Liechtenstein, Hungary and Czechoslovakia 

Chifley         DC                           History of France 

Chifley         DD                           History of Germany

Chifley         DE                           History of the Greco-Roman world

Chifley         DF                           History of Greece

Chifley         DG                          History of Italy and Malta

Chifley         DH                          History of Low Countries. Benelux Countries, Belgium, Luxembourg 

Chifley         DJ                           History of the Netherlands

Chifley         DK                          History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics, Poland

Chifley         DL                          History of Northern Europe. Scandinavia 

Chifley         DP                          History of Spain and Portugal

Chifley         DQ                         History of Switzerland

Chifley         DR                         History of Balkan Peninsula

Menzies       DS                          History of Asia

Menzies       DT                          History of Africa

Chifley         DU80 - DU399       History of Australia

Menzies       DU400 - DU999     History of Oceania

Menzies      GN700 - GN890     Prehistoric archaeology

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