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Pacific Studies

A guide to Pacific studies resources available from ANU Library

Locating books

Print materials are arranged by Library of Congress Classification and the following subjects are held in the Menzies Library;

DU Oceanic History

  • DU400-430 New Zealand
  • DU490 Melanesia (General)
  • DU500 Micronesia (General)
  • DU510 Polynesia (General)
  • DU520-950 Smaller island groups
    • DU620-629 Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii
    • DU739-747 New Guinea
    • DU810-819 Samoan Islands

GN Anthropology

  • GN301-674 Ethnology. Social and cultural anthropology
  • GN700-890 Prehistoric archaeology

GR-GT Folklore and customs

  • GR1-950 Folklore
  • GT1-7070 Manners and customs

J Political Science

  • JQ5800-6651 Pacific Political Science
  • JV Colonies and colonization
    • JV9100-9269 Australia and New Zealand
    • JV9290-9470 Pacific Ocean islands

PL Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania

  • PL6191-6341 Micronesian and Melanesian languages
  • PL6401-6551 Polynesian languages
  • PL6601-6621 Papuan languages

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