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Australia in World War I

A guide to records relating to World War I

Australian companies contributed to the war effort through manufacturing and providing ship for troops and supplies. Many maintained Rolls of Honour to commemorate staff who served in the armed forces. After the war pastoral companies were involved in soldier settlement schemes to provide farmland to returned servicemen.

Warning to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers

The ANU Archives recognises that our collections contain archival records and archival descriptions that may be upsetting and offensive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by their use of racist, sexist, derogatory or abusive language. The ANU Archives has a responsibility to preserve and make accessible this documentary heritage in all its forms to support various types of research, and to reveal the actions of the past that have impacted on Indigenous communities, families and individuals. In doing so the ANU Archives also acknowledges that accessing some of this material can be confronting for Indigenous researchers.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that the ANU Archives’ online catalogue and online repository may include names and images of persons who are deceased.