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NGOs and not-for-profits

Not-For-Profits (NFPs)

A not-for-profit organisation is one that invests all of the profits it makes back into its own running. While NFPs can make profits, those profits can only be re-invested in the organisation's core functions, such as staff payments, infrastructure, or projects. NPFs can be run by volunteers or by paid staff, and can include things such as sporting organisations, educational, or religious groups.

Non-government Organisations (NGOs)

Non-government organisations are not-for-profit organisations that operate separately from local, state, federal or international government agencies. While they can receive government funding, they can not be interfered with by governments. NGOs usually have political or social missions and can range from very small, local groups, to huge international organisations such as Oxfam or Doctors Without Borders. In Australia, NGOs are categorised as organisations that do not have representation or oversight by the government, has a humanitarian function, and has paid staff or volunteers.

Australian NGOs and NFPs

International NGOs

Other cultural organisations

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