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Records about the anti-apartheid movement

Meredith Burgmann

N150/77: Industrial disputes (item showing summary of BLF NSW Branch industrial disputes, Jan-Mar 1973), Stop Works over safety, South Africa and Green Bans, long service leave & Permanency, Industrial Agreements and Awards, Constitution and rules changes of ABLF, French Bob Tests, World Youth Festival (handwritten notes) (1973)

J E Coleman

P119/35: The Changing Situation in South Africa, by Don Morton, Geneva (1975)

Jack Dwyer

Z296/Box 10: Apartheid policy - South Africa protest (1964)

Z296/Box 31: Sechaba (South Africa) (1970)

Richard Eves

N358/324: South Australian Campaign Against Racial Exploitation (Adelaide, S.A.), 'The fight for freedom in Southern Africa - Hear Lord Tony Gifford, Q.C. as Chairperson of SWAM, the campaign to Stop the War Against Angola and Mozambique, Thursday October 14th at 8pm, in the Way Hall, Central Methodist Mission, Franklin Street [Adelaide]' [poster] (Oct 1982)

N358/105: International solidarity - Central America and the Caribbean, South Africa and Ireland (c. 1980s)

Judy Gillett

N151/23: Letter about Whitlam campaign funding, Hawke, South Africa sporting visits, Freda Brown WIDF President, CPSU congress in Moscow (Mar 1976)

Sir Keith Hancock research papers

P96/16/23: Seminar paper 'Apartheid in South Africa' (1950s)

P96/17/7: Notebook for Smuts biography volume 1 - Smuts and South Africa (1951)

P96/31/17: 'Various offprints' includes addresses and articles on Smuts and South Africa (1951 - 1960)

Rick Kuhn collection

N410/30: Socialist Action Club - general papers. Includes papers relating to South Africa and apartheid

Albert Langer

Z457/Box 132: Apartheid (1971 - 1973)

Z457/Box 147: Untitled file. Miscellaneous printed material relating to 3CR inquiry and racial exploitation. Also includes United Nations special report against Apartheid (1975 - 1977)

Z457/Box 155: Anti-racism pamphlets (specifically oppostion to the Nazi Party and apartheid) (1971 - 1972)

Geoff McDonald

P94/54/3:Apartheid (leaflets) (1969 - 1970)

P39/53: Leaflets on several topics including apartheid, issued by various organisations and people (1957 - 1967)

John Playford Collection

P64/13/31-32: South Africa protest, Melbourne; South Africa defence and aid fund in Australia, Sydney - leaflets (1965 - 1969)

P124/277: Leaflets re apartheid (1970, 1972)

P124/511-513: Newspaper cuttings re apartheid and the Springbok tour (1970 - 1972)

P14/13/21: Anti-apartheid movement - leaflets, circulars etc (1960)

Kenneth Rivett

N168/302: H30 Immigration from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, South Africa: press cuttings

N168/303: H31 Immigration from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, South Africa: other printed matter

N168/304: H32 Immigration from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, South Africa: seminar and related papers

Geoffrey Sawer

ANUA 7/7: Professor DV Cowan, South Africa (1951 - 1962)

Paddy Troy

N388/549: Pamphlet 'Spotlight on Soweto'

N388/428: Publication 'Come back: fourteen short stories from South Africa'

N388/604: Flyer 'Thank god that you are not a black student in South Africa'

Bill Tully

N157: Includes many scrapbooks of newspaper clippings on a variety of international issues, including South Africa/Apartheid

Tom and Mary Wright

Z267/Box 10: Untitled (penal provisions; South Africa; Wages) (1963)