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Australia - Indonesia relations, 1945 - 1949

A guide to ANU Archives holdings relating to the Indonesian struggle for independence

C H Campbell

P81/1-52: Correspondence and other material regarding the Indonesian independence movement and the Indian Seamen's Union in Australia (1944 - 1947)

Margaret George

ANUA 438

In 1973 George completed her PhD thesis, 'Australian attitudes and policies towards the Netherlands East Indies and Indonesian independence' (1942-1949), in the Department of International Relations, Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University. Her collection contains notes, seminar papers and correspondence relating to her research.

Geoff McDonald

P94/33/5/11: Subject files - ACTU: Loading and unloading and repair of Dutch ships (1947 - 1948)

P94/33/5/16: Williamstown Naval Dockyard (1948)

P94/49/4/xviii: Press clippings - Indonesian war (1947)

J Normington Rawling

N57/548: Indonesian internees in Queensland (1946)

Ted Roach

N235/4: Indonesia - Report by Ted Roach, Assistant General Secretary, Waterside Workers' Federation of Australia (1947)

Ian Turner

P2/2/33: Press clipping - Student demonstration, Sydney, in support of independence for Indonesia (1947)

Bill Wood

N296/31: Photograph - 'Dutch profits or Java's freedom? - diggers support Indonesians - down with Dutch imperialism' (1945)