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Pacific security

A guide to resources available from ANU Library related to Pacific security

Locating books

Print materials are arranged by Library of Congress Classification and the following subjects are primarily held in the Menzies Library.

DU Oceanic History

  • DU400-430 New Zealand
  • DU490 Melanesia (General)
  • DU500 Micronesia (General)
  • DU510 Polynesia (General)
  • DU520-950 Smaller island groups
    • DU620-629 Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii
    • DU739-747 New Guinea
    • DU810-819 Samoan Islands

J Political Science

  • JQ5800-6651 Pacific Political Science
  • JV Colonies and colonization
    • JV9100-9269 Australia and New Zealand
    • JV9290-9470 Pacific Ocean islands

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