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Japanese studies

A guide to Japanese studies resources available from ANU Library

Hints on searching the Library Catalogue

  • If you search the Library Catalogue using Japanese words, use modified Hepburn romanisation.
  • Please note it is possible to search the Library Catalogue using Japanese characters (日本語), but you will get better results if you use the modified Hepburn romanisation.
  • East Asian language collections (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) are located on Level 3 of the RG Menzies Building.
  • Library call number DS833-DS891.5. These call numbers cover a range of Japanese modern history (English books) are located on Level 4 of the RG Menzies Building.
  • Subject searches are not “free-text”, but use controlled vocabulary.  Examples of some useful terms are listed below:
    • [country] – HISTORY                                           - HUMAN RIGHTS - [country]
    • [country] – POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT       - BUDDHISM – [country]
    • [country]  – ECONOMIC CONDITIONS               - POLITICAL CULTURE – [country]
    • [country]  – SOCIAL CONDITIONS                      - BUSINESS ENTERPRISES–[country]

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