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Sociology and Social Policy resources

Types of information

Types of information


Written by academic specialists, textbooks summarise major theoretical works and their implementation within research work. An excellent starting point for an overview of a field, including epistemological roots, key thinkers and classic case studies.  

Academic works

Published books which have been peer reviewed and provide references to support claims. Some are written for the general public with a journalistic style, others are written with a more scholarly style and intent.

Journal articles

Published articles that provide scholarly information. Many journal articles are peer-reviewed having been reviewed by experts in the author's field of research.

Magazine articles

Written for the general public with topical content designed to entice readers' attention. Journalistic in style lacking references or bibliographies. Different publications have their own market and style. 


Written for the general public. Journalistic style with no references or bibliographies. Different publications have their own market and style. Print or online.

Specialist Websites

Produced for a range of purposes targeting specific issues or group, includes content such as briefings, general knowledge or data analysis. For example web sites produce for or by government, educational institutions, professional bodies, cultural institutions.

General Websites

Produced for the general public, often with a specific goal or agenda. For example, political parties’ homepages, individual’s homepages, organisations, lobby groups, right wing and left wing groups.

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