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Mathematical Sciences

A guide to mathematical science resources available from the ANU Library

Locating books

Highly used mathematics books and journals 2020- are located in the Hancock Library. Lesser used mathematics books and print journals pre 2020 are housed at the Print Repository, and can be requested from the Catalogue.

QA23   Mathematics history
QA41   Mathematical notation
QA95   Mathematical reactions
QA117   Mathematics – fractions
QA150-255   Mathematics – algebra
QA276-280   Mathematical statistics
QA273-274.9    Mathematics – probabilities
QA300-316   Calculus
QA370-379   Mathematics – differential equations  
QA402.5   Mathematical analysis
QA402.5-6   Programing (Mathematics)
QA646   Mathematics – differential geometry
QC19.2-20.85     Mathematical physics 
GA1-GA87   Mathematical geography
T385   Computer graphics Mathematics
TA342   Mathematical models (Engineering)


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