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Marine biology

A guide to information resources for marine biology.

Locating books

Highly used marine biology books and journals 2020- are located in the Hancock Library. Less used marine biology books and print journals pre 2020 are housed at the Print Repository, and can be requested from the library catalogue.

G - GF    Geography
GC   Oceanography
QH   Biology
QH541.5     Marine Ecology
QK   Botany
QK103   Marine Plants
QL   Zoology
QL365.363-QL365.6    Marine Invertebrates
QL435-QL445.2   Crustacea
QL620-QL623.98   Marine Fishes
QL737.C4-QL737.C438     Cetacea
S   Agriculture
SH   Aquaculture, Fisheries  


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